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Glow Gag Glow in the Dark Silicone Ball Gag

Stuff this gag in the mouth of your partner and shut off the lights! This glow-in-the-dark locking ball gag will leave a lasting impression. Effectively muffle those delicious sounds your lover makes with this premium and phthalate-free silicone ball..


Leviathan Giant Inflatable Silicone Dildo with Internal Core

If grandiose and intimidating is your idea of a good time, look no further. Both are exemplified here with the Leviathan Giant Inflatable Dildo. Your plaything will be ultimately challenged with the length and girth as it stands, let alone once it is..


Pink Silicone Ball Gag with Leather Straps

This attractive pink ball gag is made from odorless, tasteless silicone, ideal for silencing a mouthy sub. The ultra soft, flexible leather strap is adjustable for a comfortable yet secure fit. The ball portion is large enough to restrict speech, yet..


Surge Bi-Polar Electro Prostate Stimulator

Designed specifically to target the prostate gland, Surge Prostate Stimulator from Zeus is an ergonomically contoured anal electrode, designed for maximum prostate pleasure. Gently curved for P-spot attention, once inserted this device will send a ge..


XXL Triple Silicone Beads


XXL Triple Silicone Beads

Thrill to three times the stimulation! Three silicone balls, each with a smaller weighted inner ball for subtle sensation, are tethered together with a looped retrieval cord. Silicone is an ideal material for insertion. It is body safe, phthalate-fre..


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